Mission & Values

“ Through our seventeen years of experience, our main goal is to effectively assist the needs of landlords and tenants. Through concentrating our services on developing an excellent relationship with clients our company will gain an efficiency and unique reputation that can be confidently trusted.”

At Stone Lodge we:

  • Prioritize customers
  • Work together and value everyone’s contribution
  • Treat people as individuals, with integrity and respect
  • Experiment with new and innovative ways of doing things for the purpose of improving our services
  • Ensure health and safety standards are met at all times
  • Make efficient use of our resources

Our Core Values:

We hope that our company’s defining feature is its principals of kindness, politeness and general responsiveness with both landlords and tenants. Service with a smile can make all the difference, especially when you’re in a position that is strengthened by good relationships.

We prioritise getting to know each client, so that we can provide a service that is understanding of each individuals needs. An honest image of professionalism is what makes our work stand out alongside other housing providers.

Over the forthcoming years we aim to extend and diversify our service range, and be in a position to offer local authorities with a genuine ‘one stop solution’ that provides fully staffed and managed accommodation for a variety of needs. Our core objectives include the following:

  • Work in partnership with our clients, exceeding expectations at all times.
  • Maintain and increase our portfolio of properties, offering our customers greater choice and flexibility.
  • Provide our service at the most competitive market rates whilst not compromising on service.
  • Ensure that the needs of our tenants are always met.
  • Develop further schemes for the provision of public sector accommodation.
  • Provide accommodation solutions.